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360 Vision Predator Radar

360 Vision Predator Radar


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Predator Radar CCTV - True Radar Controlled CCTV Surveillance camera

High Speed High Definition Ruggedised RADAR Controlled Pan Tilt and Zoom CCTV Surveillance Camera

Predator Radar is designed for applications where wide area detection and tracking of moving objects is required

Predator Radar does not need visual clarity and therefore works in all weather conditions – rain, fog, snow, mist, coastal as well as extreme hot and cold climates.

  • Unique Integrated Radar & Predator 1080p HD Camera
  • Cost Effective Perimeter / Wide Area Surveillance Up to 200m Radius / 400m Diameter Constant Surveillance.
  • Predator Radar scans 360 degrees twice every second to detect and automatically track up to 40 simultaneous objects.
  • Multiple objects can be tracked using sophisticated and intelligent “Time Share” alarm handling – ensuring ALL alarms are evenly or priority handled.
  • Alarms are overlaid On Screen to notify the operator that a target is being tracked, even when the camera is looking elsewhere.
  • Incorporating software features such as controlling Predator Intelligent Illumination to give White Light “spotlight” tracking for Human activation or Infra Red for vehicle activation.
  • Built in EDGE Recording Option – 128 or 256Gb Storage On Board Continuous/Time Lapse/FTP Upload/Network Loss/Alarm scheduled recording option to On Board Storage
  • Can include any Predator camera option including:- 20x, 30x HD 720p/1080p Thermal range – 336 or 640 pixel

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