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Wisensys - Temperatur & RH

Wisensys - Temperatur & RH

Artikkelnr: WS-DLTC
Pris: 3.100,00 kr (eks. mva.)

Wisensys - Temperatur & RH

WS-DLTc measures humidity and temperature and transmits data to the base station. Sensing is done using an internal digital sensor. The intervals for sensing and transmission are set at installation time using the WiSensys® PC software SensorGraph.

The sensor has a unique identity and a system PIN code. Transmitted data is encrypted thereby avoiding other sensor systems or receivers to receive the data. Optionally the following values can be assigned to the sensor: Friendly Name, Minimum Trip Value and Maximum Trip Value. Trip values are used to signal an alarm condition to the base station when these values are exceeded.

The sensor can locally store up to 10.000 measurements in non-volatile memory. This storage is used when a connection to the base station is not available to ensure that measurements are not lost. Whenever the sensor and base station are in range again, the data is transmitted to the base station.

The distance between sensor and base station can be up to 1000 meters in case of free line-of-sight. Characteristic in-building range values are between 50 and 80 meters.

The sensor is powered with one 3.6V Lithium battery. With default settings of sensing and transmission intervals, the lifetime of the battery is 3 years.



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