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COX Automasjonskamera CG600 - 640X480 Piksler

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  • Adopted latest version of ULIS sensor. NETD is very good and it is shutter-less compatible.
  • Several time of NUC in a day keep image quality at good level
  • Compact design of camera case.
  • To meet requirements of security and surveillance market, CG300 and CG600 are supplied with variety of lenses from 4.8mm        to 250mm in focal length, manual focus or motorized focus, various continuous zoom lenses, 2 FOV lenses, and athermalized         lenses.
  • Control of lens motor for focusing and zooming is done by camera itself, and does not need separate control board for                     focusing and zooming.
  • CG300/CG600 Specifications




Resolution(pixels) 384×288 640×480
Pixel Pitch 17µm
Detector Type LWIR, Uncooled a-Si micro-bolometer
Thermal Sensitivity of <40mK @f/1.0, 50Hz, 300K <50mK @f/1.0, 50Hz 300K
Spectral Range 8 – 14µm (Long-wave IR)
Color Variation(Palette) 10 colors(Grey,Iron, Rain_v1,2,3/Half_Grey/Yellow/MidGrey/Fire/BlueRed)
Image Setting AGC, Level & Span, NUC, Mirror, Flip, Invert, Image Filter on Screen Menu
Digital zoom 2x & 4x Digital Zoom
Focus Manual, Motorized, Athermalized
Function Hot/Cold tracker, Center indicator
System TV Mode NTSC/PAL compatible
Protocol COX own proprietary
OSD menu control Pelco-D(RS485)
Video Output Standard BNC Connector(Composite), HDMI
Frame Rate BNC connector(cmposite): NTSC 30Hz, PAL 25HzHDMI: 50Hz or 60Hz (selectable)
Start-up <2 Seconds
Modular Type Available (For customers who want to integrate COX thermal cameras into own system, COX supplies
Optional Outdoor housing w/ Germanium window (IP 66), Motorized, athermalized and optic zoom lens, module type
Input Voltage AC(110 to 200V) to DC(12V) adaptor
Operating Temperature -20˚C to 70˚C (Housing with built-in fan and heater is recommended for use in the open air)
Storage Temperature -40˚C to 70˚C


CG300/CG600 with 100mm f1.0 motorized lens

Case of CG300 and CG600 is identical.

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