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COX Automasjonskamera CG400-IP 640×480 Piksler

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  • CG320-IP and CG640-IP are new concept of thermal network cameras transmitting video data and temperature data simultaneously
  • CG320-IP and CG640-IP thermal network cameras are called radiometric thermal network cameras, because they have the same thermal camera core as CG320 or CG640. Therefore CG320-IP and CG640-IP have two different measurement range, which are, normal temperature detection mode up to 120℃ or high temperature detection mode up to 650℃
  • Alarm management software like VMS in CCTV field is provided, to which user can connect both CCTV network cameras (visible) and COX thermal network cameras up to several hundred, over IP network
  • In case user integrate many cameras installed in different sites (location) over IP network, customers can monitor and manage all videos from all sites in remote client, while customers in each site monitor and manage videos from each site in local monitoring client, over IP network
  • Temperature data CG320-IP or CG640-IP thermal network cameras transmit over IP network in addition to video data is not pixel by pixel data, but in the unit of 32 pixels x 32 pixels, and user can set temperature in min., max., or average in 32 pixels x 32 pixels area (section) or in the group of sections in the image.
  • In case of CG640-IP, we have 20 sections in horizontal direction and 15 sections in vertical direction, total 300 sections, and        measurement concept of CG640-IP thermal network cameras corresponds to temperature measurement in 300 even ROI.
  • If temperature of any section or group of sections exceeds set temperature, corresponding camera sends alarm data in                  addition to compressed video data to alarm management software. Then alarm management software starts to record for set          period of time (alarm recording) and pop up corresponding channel to show image in bigger size with detail data including             section number and temperature in the section where actual temperature exceeded set temperature.
  • CG320-IP and CG640-IP thermal network cameras are very suitable for project of fire detection/prevention(wild fire, waste             management, paper management, coal storage yard, sugar cane yard, yacht basin, and many others), preventive                             maintenance, intrusion detection in wide area, and others.
  • Configuration of system integrating multi sites over IP network is as follows.
  • 02-cg320ip-cg640ip-2

    CG320-IP/CG640-IP Specifications

          Radiometric thermal network camera







    <40mK @ f1.0 30Hz 300K

    <50mK @ f1.0 30Hz 300K

    Spectral response



    Measurement accuracy in lab condition

    ±2℃ or ±2% of reading

    (in case of thermal camera module with normal temperature detection mode and measuring at reasonable distance)


    Compressed video data,

    Simplified format of temperature data (min., max., or average temperature in each section or group of sections),

    Alarm signal

    Detection mode(thermal core)Normal temperature detectionHigh temperature detection(Dual)





    PC software included

    Alarm management software as VMS in CCTV field

    (single site and up to 16 channels version is supplied free of charge and multi-site version and more than 16 channel version shall be charged min. level of cost)

    Windows version of SDK provided for customers who develop own software


    From 4.8 to 250mm/Manual focus or motorized focus

    Zoom, 2 FOV, Athermalized


    Fire prevention, Preventive maintenance, Intrusion detection (human, animal) and other general analysis application

    ONVIF and POE supported


    CG320-IP/CG640-IP with 75mm f1.0 motorized lens


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