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FLIR SR-50 PAL 8,3Hz 320x240

FLIR SR-50 PAL 8,3Hz 320x240

Pris: 10.000,00 kr (eks. mva.) 33.958,00 kr

FLIR Systems Inc. SR-50 Thermal Camera includes sophisticated thermal imaging technology to provide excellent thermal imaging in environments with no light and difficult weather visibility. The FLIR Systems Inc. SR50 captures clear thermal images with 320 x 240 pixels for more detail and smaller object detection. The SR-50 thermal camera is equipped with a 50 mm lens with a 14° field of view ( FOV ), making it a perfect solution for short range detection.

The FLIR Systems Inc. thermal camera SR-50 can be easily connected to power and video interfaces used in existing security systems. The SR50 thermal video camera is compatible with closed-circuit television ( CCTV ) systems. Mil-Std-810E and IP66 weather standards along with a built-in heater ensure the lens is clear in the harshest and coldest of environments.

FLIR Systems Inc. thermal cameras are extremely lightweight and mountable in any position. FLIR Systems Inc. is a leading brand of high grade thermal cameras suitable for security surveillance systems in plants, warehouses, ports and airports to protect against terrorism, vandalism and other threats. Thermal imagers are ideal for security use since they observe threats in complete darkness or through dust, fog and smoke.

The following models of FLIR Systems Inc. SR50 Cameras are available:

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