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Scanna - Scanwedge

Scanna - Scanwedge

Artikkelnr: ScanX Scout

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Scanwedge lightweight portable x-ray system

Scanwedge is designed specifically for portable x-ray screening in tough law enforcement and EOD environments.

Scanwedge has a unique flat panel imager that is lightweight and backpackable, producing high quality x-ray images time after time.

Lightweight, battery powered, robust and easy to use Scanwedge contains no moving parts nor fragile components and has a weather-protective milspec cover for use in tough field environments.

Key features

  • Unique rugged and lightweight flat panel imager (imaging area less than 1” thick )
  • 3 component operation (generator, imager, laptop) – no additional interface box needed
  • Direct X-ray Image Viewing with Fast rescans – take multiple x-ray exposures without reapproach to retrieve the plate
  • Ethernet cable or wireless operation

Imaging Area
Compact 8 x 10” (20 x 25 cm)

Larger 10 x 13” (25 x 33 cm) option

X-ray Generators
Works with most portable x-ray sources including the Golden XR150, golden XR200, golden XRS-3 and also recommended continuous x-ray sourceImage processing features

Scanwedge uses our powerful ScanView software to give you a range of image manipulation options to get all the detail out of your x-ray image. Features include Zoom, inverse Image, b/w, pseudo colour, pseudo 3D, contrast enhancement, clean image, rotation, distance, measure and show gradients.

A range of annotation tools allow you to insert text, notes and highlight suspect areas.

Power Options
Totally battery powered in the field for over 5 hours continuous operation

Provided in rugged pelistyle transport case with integral charging system

Database features
ScanView’s database software allows you to store and manage over 32,000 images using searchable fields. Option to export both Raw and Stored images by email or across a network.

Equipment Service and Support

Our comprehensive global equipment support packages provide you with a range of service options to support your equipment in the field and ensure its reliability and performance.

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