COX Automasjonskamera CG320-20mm F1,0 manual - 384×288 Piksler (DEMO) – Presisjons Teknikk AS
COX Automasjonskamera CG320-20mm F1,0 manual - 384×288 Piksler (DEMO)
COX Automasjonskamera CG320-20mm F1,0 manual - 384×288 Piksler (DEMO)

COX Automasjonskamera CG320-20mm F1,0 manual - 384×288 Piksler (DEMO)

Artikkelnr: CG320
Pris: 22.200 kr (eks. mva.) 45.000 kr
27.750 kr (inkl. mva.)
Lagerstatus: 1 Stk.

  • Adopted latest version of ULIS thermal detectors which has better NETD then former CX series models.
  • Better image quality
  • More stable in operation in lower temperature or in higher temperature
  • Better accuracy in measurement
  • Supports Giga Ethernet
  • Added detail functions in Alarm setting and ROI setting on camera unit
  • Compact design of camera case
  • Control of lens motor for focusing and zooming is done by camera itself and does not need separate lens motor control board

CG320/CG640 Specifications







Spectral response


Un-cooled LWIR micro-bolometer

Thermal Detector

Pixel Pitch


Thermal Sensitivity          (NETD)

<50mK @f1.0, 30Hz, 300K

<50mK @f1.0, 30Hz, 300K

Shutter-less compatible

Operating temperature     (ambient temperature)

-10℃ to 60℃

(Installing thermal cameras inside housing with built-in fan and heater to keep inside temperature in a certain range, for example, 15 to 25℃, is recommended for use in out of operating temperature range for accuracy in measurement)

 Accuracy of ± 2℃ or ±2 % of reading: only when camera is in the range of ambient temperature and measurement is done in reasonable distance to the object.

Range of temperature         measurement

CG320 & CG640:

Normal temperature detection mode: -20 ~ 120℃

High temperature detection mode: 0 ~ 650℃

 Thermal camera set at normal temperature detection mode has better accuracy in measurement

Control of focus/zoom

CG series cameras include circuit for controlling lens motors for focusing and zooming respectively.

Thermal imaging analyzer for CG320 and CG640 has icons for focusing “+”/”-” and zooming “+”/”-”.

CG series model itself controls lens motor for focusing and zooming, and no extra control board is not necessary for control of lens motors.


Video Output

BNC connector(composite), HDMI


data output

via Ethernet port(Giga E)

Data refresh rate



Video frame Rate

BNC connector(composite): NTSC 30Hz, PAL 25Hz

HDMI: Selectable

HDMI: 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i,

1080p selectable


Giga Ethernet(10/100/1000Mbps)


4.8mm to 250mm lenses, manual/motorized focus, zoom

Athermalized/Macro lens available

PC Software

CG320/CG640: Thermal imaging analyzer

Camera controller

Thermal report

Thermal imaging analyzer for CG320/CG640(1:1 connection): End of Nov. 2016

Thermal imaging analyzer for CG320/CG640(Multi-connection): End of May. 2017

CG320(CG640) with 20mm F1.0 manual lens

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