Precision Technic appointed Rune M. Anderson as the Sales Manager of Norway.

Oslo, Norway, 1 November 2018 – Precision Technic, well renown in the business of thermal imaging with several leading product ranges in the field of measurement has appointed Rune M. Anderson as the Sales Manager of Norway. He brings more than 25 years’ experience of sales and the thermography industry to the Precision Technic Nordic team.

Rune M. Anderson said, “I’m excited to re-join Henrik and his team in the role as Sales Manager of Norway at a successful company with a clear strategy for growth. I look forward to work with the new products that Precision Technic has introduced in Norway and are now expanding into Sweden and Denmark with as well. Precision Technic is well recognised for its position in the industry of test and measuring.”

Henrik Swärd added, “Rune M. Anderson reinforces Precision Technic’s position in the market with the benefit of more than 25 years sales and in depth expertise of thermography. His reputation as a speaker and trainer in and knowledge of thermography will be immensely valuable to us as we grow and further strengthen our position as a leading competency company in the industry.”

Rune M. Anderson joins Precision Technic from Omega Holtan where he spent the recent three years as Sales Manager and Specialist in thermal imaging. Prior to that, he was with Precision Technic in sales and as speaker and trainer in electro-thermography. Rune M. Anderson started his career in the field of thermography in 1991 at New Electronic AS as a Thermographer and Managing Director and has since then become one of the leading experts in the industry. As well as his comprehensive knowledge of the theory thermal imaging, Rune has also an extensive hands-on background from the smallest installations to the heavy industry, hotels and property companies. Throughout his career Rune annually held multiple training and certification courses at advanced level in thermography.

About Precision Technic
Precision Technic of Oslo, Norway was founded by CEO Henrik Swärd in 1995. The company has an in depth experience of thermal imaging with more than 30 years in the business. Amongst the competencies of Precision Technic are thermal systems, portable X-ray systems, test and measuring. Precision Technic annually holds seminars and courses in these technologies. Precision Technic has been appointed as General agent for Seek Thermal in the Nordics.

Seek thermal has introduced new technology to the market, enabling a wider audience accessing affordable, high-resolution thermal imaging. Seek - thermal imaging an accessible, everyday tool, so users can do their jobs faster, smarter, safer and more profitably.

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